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Identity Theft - What Should You Expect From The IRS

2022-01-05 09:29

Dave Rosa

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Identity Theft - What Should You Expect From The IRS

Identity theft can cause enormous IRS problems for you. Find out what can be done for you by contacting Flat Fee Tax Relief.





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Frequently, our team will receive calls from taxpayers who have received a collection notice from IRS that isn't theirs. Someone has stolen their identity and now faces the nightmare of trying to prove to the IRS that a tax debt is erroneous.


As taxpayers recoup from the holidays, another important season rises – tax season. Unfortunately, it’s during this time that taxpayers discover alarming issues regarding their accounts. Issues such as tax identity theft leave many Americans with unexpected penalties and fees. While filing this year, be sure to look out for signs of tax identity theft to prevent worst-case scenarios and to handle the matter sooner rather than later.


What are the signs of tax identity theft?


Most people don’t know they’re victims of tax identity theft until they receive a threatening notice from the IRS. The IRS notice will outline an issue with your tax return, but it’s important to recognize whether it’s a mistake or possible identity theft. Some signs of identity theft are:

1. Receiving a letter from the IRS regarding a suspicious return that you didn’t file.

2. A duplicate Social Security number won’t allow you to file.

3. You received a transcript that wasn’t requested by you.

4. You receive notice that an online account was created in your name, or your existing account has been accessed or disabled without your knowledge.

5. You receive an IRS notice of owing additional tax or refund offset, or collection actions are being taken against you for a year you didn’t file.

IRS records indicate you were paid by an employer you didn’t work for.

6. You have been assigned an Employer Identification Number, but you didn’t request one.

Nine times out of ten, the IRS has received reported income using your Social Security number but it's not money that you earned. Someone has misappropriated your Social Security number and now you are facing IRS penalties for unreported income. Unreported income penalties are 5% per month for the first 5 months of the year. That's 25%in total. If this unpleasant dilemma happens to you, you will find it maddening to straighten it out on your own. It's easier for the IRS to simply go after you for tax debt than it is sorting out identity theft.


What to do if you’re a victim of tax identity theft?


Should you find that any of the signs apply to you, there is an immediate action that you can take:

a. Respond as soon as possible to IRS notices by calling the provided number.

b. If your e-filed return is rejected due to duplicate filing under your SS number, complete IRS Form 14039, which is the Identity Theft Affidavit. Attach this form to your return and mail it in.

c. provides immediate steps for protecting yourself and your financial accounts.

d. The IRS has a line you can call for specialized assistance if you did not receive a resolution for your case. That number is  800-908-4490. Good luck getting through.

e. The IRS provides Instructions for Requesting a Copy of Fraudulent Returns if you believe someone filed in your name.


Now all of the above seems like having an identity theft problem corrected would be somewhat easy. It isn't. It's messy and the IRS doesn't like to deal with "messy." In all honesty, having a 3rd party tax practitioner handle this IRS problem will be the quickest way for you to get past it. If your Social Security number has been passed around by thieves, this won't be a "one-off."


Tax Debt Penalties and Relief

If you’re still unsure about why you have tax penalties and you’re seeking relief, Flat Fee may be able to assist you. Our IRS problem-solvers conduct a thorough investigation of your tax history and will find any anomalies that could be the catalyst for your liability. Give our team a call at 866-747-7435 for a free consultation today!