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Is It Necessary To Hire a Professional Firm to Get Tax Debt Relief?

2021-12-31 11:10

Dave Rosa

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Is It Necessary To Hire a Professional Firm to Get Tax Debt Relief?

Do you need a tax professional to resolve IRS tax debt? Find out. by contacting Flat Fee Tax Relief.





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Although some IRS problems are best handled by licensed, seasoned professionals, many can be resolved simply. If you can get through to the IRS, most personal IRS tax debts can be resolved with a phone call. Many tax resolution firms charge exorbitant fees for services that you can successfully perform on your own. All you need are a few hours of research, preparation, and phone time. And while it's advantageous to have years of tax resolution industry experience under your belt when navigating toward the resolution of your liabilities, you can do just fine on your own.


A taxpayer should really consider using an experienced licensed IRS professional when:


1. Facing an IRS levy (wages and bank).

2, Reversing Substitute of Returns (failure to file penalties).

3. IRS Hardship (Currently not Collectible/CNC).

4. IRS Settlement (Offer in Compromise).

5. Weighing Installment Agreement Options.


1What Should I Expect From a Tax Resolution Company?


If you have cable television, you have noticed, tax resolution companies are everywhere, each with wildly varying levels of competence and integrity. And choosing the right tax relief company to fit your needs can be confusing. 


Here are a few red flags to consider:

a. Guarantees - The IRS DOES NOT, WE REPEAT, DOES NOT. allow any tax relief company to guarantee a result. However, if you have been resolving IRS problems successfully for as long as the team at Flat Fee Tax Relief has, you have a very good idea of "what will fly and what won't."

b. Flat Fees - Since 2010, we have been charging a very affordable flat fee for our tax relief services. Always have, always will. If you Google search Flat Fee Tax Relief/Flat Fee Tax Service, you will find our company along with many tax relief companies who have had trying to copy us. Throwing in a few "keywords" doesn't make our competitors the real deal.

c. Investigative Fees - Many companies, especially those with large advertising budgets (TV/Radio ads are expensive), charge a $500 fee to "investigate" an IRS problem. This $500 is a total RIPOFF. These tax resolution companies say that their consultations are free, but charging a $500 fee to verify what was revealed during the consultation is GOUGING. This is how it works, information is obtained during the consultation. When you become a client, a call must be made to the IRS while faxing the 2848 Form (IRS Power of Attorney). The "so-called investigation" happens at this time. 

d. Promises - As with guarantees, few (if any) promises can be kept in tax resolution. This is especially true before the 2848 Form (Power of Attorney) is filed with the IRS. The only "Promise" that can be made is that there will be a resolution. If a tax relief team has been handling files over many years, a "pretty good idea" can be formed as to the outcome but it can never be promised.


There is no magic tax settlement bullet that stops the IRS in its tracks and reduces tax debts by 80% or more. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants to accomplish two (2) things: collect money and close files. When the IRS accepts an Offer in Compromise (tax settlement) the IRS accomplishes both goals. It's a "Win-Win" for both the IRS and the taxpayer.

How Do I Choose The Right Tax Resolution Company For Me?


This is a difficult question to answer unless you take the proper steps to make sure you are hiring a good company. And, it will take a little bit of work. The steps below will get you started:

1. Check the BBB for an A rating. The fewer complaints the better; (Flat Fee Tax Service/Flat Fee tax Relief has a 5 Star Rating with No Complaints)

2. Check for length of time in business. 5 years or more is optimal; (Flat fee Tax Service/Flat Fee Tax relief has over 11 years of successful experience)

3. Check for licensed tax professionals and ask to speak with the person who will be on your Power of Attorney; (Flat Fee Tax Service/Flat Fee Tax Relief clients have an IRS Attorney assigned to their file)

4. Make sure your case won't be outsourced to another company or individual; (All tax relief work is provided by our own IRS Problem Solvers)

5. Ask the right questions. Will I be charged more money? For what reasons? How many cases have you resolved? What is each step in your company's tax relief process? (Flat Fee Tax Service/Flat Fee Tax relief charges one (1) very affordable flat fee)

6. Be sure to know your role in the resolution of your tax debt, and how you and the firm you choose will interact and work together; (All clients of Flat Fee Tax Service/Flat Fee Tax relief work directly with a Tax Attorney. All clients have a direct line to the IRS Lawyer handling their IRS problem)

7. Beware of "bait and switch." Don't be baited by a low fee or a promise of tax reduction. Do not pay for services after the fact. 


You are now armed with more information in your quest to resolve your IRS problems.  For more information, give our team a call. There is no obligation and it's free.





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