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IRS Levy - Tax Levy Relief | Protect Your Paycheck

Updated: Aug 22


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IRS Tax Relief - Tax Debt Help Protect Your Paycheck From An IRS Garnishment

When it comes to IRS enforcement, like an IRS Levy - Tax Levy (wage garnishment), it’s important to know that you still have rights and you have tax relief options. One of the most egregious types of IRS collection actions is the IRS Levy (garnishment) of your paycheck. While the agency has other other powerful enforcement tools, an IRS wage garnishment (#IRSLevy) happens very unexpectedly and with brute force. Your employer has no choice but to hand over most if not all of your hard-earned paycheck to the IRS. The good news is, there are ways to gain wage garnishment relief and our expert tax professionals are ready to assist you with tax garnishment help to receive relief to save your paycheck. The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief (1-866-747-7435) routinely have an IRS wage garnishment released in one day. Once you fail to pay the IRS what you owe, the agency will do everything in their power to get what is owed to them, and that includes taking all or, at the minimum, a major portion of your paycheck. A wage levy (#IRSWageGarnishment) allows the IRS to legally take money from your wages until your entire debt is paid in full or the wage levy is released. The IRS is only required to mail out a Notice to Levy. The agency isn't required to make sure that you received it. If you thought it was hard to stretch your money previously, once the IRS orders your employer to seize your money it will become impossible. There are steps our IRS Tax Attorneys can take to have the IRS levy stopped and released in as little as one day.. If you fear the IRS may garnish your wages soon as a result of failing to pay your tax liability, it’s extremely important to act fast. As stated above, Flat Fee Tax Relief has experienced tax professionals to get you the tax garnishment help you need to save you from experiencing the forfeiture of your paycheck. This article is provided by the tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief who have been successfully fighting IRS wage garnishments for more than a decade. Our fees are very very affordable.

Our teams are strategically located in Clearwater, Florida, and San Diego, California. This allows our teams to work for you from 8 A.M. Eastern to 6 P.M. Pacific time. The additional hours are a valuable tool when having an IRS wage garnishment stopped in one day is of paramount importance.





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