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Tax Attorney For Indianapolis IN | IRS Tax Relief Settlement | Tax Relief Programs

Updated: Nov 11, 2020


Coast to Coast Tax Relief Programs

Indianapolis Tax Attorney

The Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Relief are dedicated to getting our clients the monetary flexibility they really deserve by helping them navigate the complicated tax laws.

The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief strategically located in Clearwater, Florida, and San Diego, California. Our extended hours from coast to coast allows IRS coverage from 8 A.M. Eastern to 6 P.M. Pacific time. This is a tremendous advantage when stopping an IRS levy in one day is of paramount importance.

Our tax pros help financially challenged taxpayers with tax relief programs, which can include IRS Offer in Compromise settlements, Innocent Spouse, Penalty Abatement, unfiled tax returns, Currently not Collectible, and tax liens. Our teams completely understand that unfortunate things happen to excellent people. We treat everyone with a tax problem as our friend or relative with empathy and professionalism. Our tax attorneys and personnel have over 25 years of experience and understand how to assist. We will talk with you face to face, or over the phone, to address your questions and completely assess your legal situation and your personal concerns. We will examine your circumstance and formulate a legal method to safeguard you. Because each case is distinct, we craft an individualized tax relief program for each client. What Exactly is The Job of a Tax Resolution Professional?

A qualified Tax Attorney providing tax debt help in Indianapolis, Indiana can aid you with every one of the following:

1. Secure you from IRS mistake, abuse, and intimidation

2. Analyze your IRS collection exposure.

3. Prepare and File amended tax returns.

4. Bring you back into lawful conformity. You must have the last six (6) tears of tax returns filed.

5. Handle an IRS lien or tax levy as well as aid to get them released. Our Tax Attorneys routinely have an IRS levy stopped and released in one day.

6. Solve your tax debt via a tax relief program established to assist you.

7. Effectively eliminate IRS penalties.

8, Place clients into Currently not Collectible status.

9. Settle with the IRS via a successful Offer in Compromise.

The IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Relief have been providing valuable tax debt help at a very affordable fee for more than a decade.





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