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Stop IRS Levy Now | Stop IRS Wage Garnishment | Florida

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

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IRS Levy Release and IRS Wage Garnishment Release

The IRS has enormous power in collecting tax bills. If you owe federal taxes, you may be subject to an IRS levy or an IRS wage garnishment. The IRS can garnish and seize your paycheck in the amount of 75% of your net pay (with a Manual Levy 100%) and can also seize your property. The agency not only can freeze your bank accounts for 21 days and then can seize all the money in your bank accounts at the end of the 21 day freeze. The IRS needs no special permission needed to freeze your bank account. If you owe money, the IRS can and will take it. You will immediately lose access to your checking and savings account – unable to withdraw money, write checks, or make payments on your mortgage, car, or other loans.

Good news though. The tax attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Relief can help you get IRS tax relief immediately.

Our tax professionals routinely have an IRS wage garnishment stopped and released in one day. What is an IRS levy?

An IRS levy permits the seizure of your property to satisfy a tax debt. An tax levy is an IRS collection tool that has many tentacles. The IRS can garnish and seize your wages, take money in your bank or other financial account, seize and sell your vehicle, real estate and other personal property.

The IRS can’t normally issue an IRS levy without notice. However, the IRS is only required to send the collection notice. The IRS doesn't need to make sure that the collection notice has been received. Normally, before an IRS levy is issued, the IRS must assess a tax and demand payment. If you don’t pay, the IRS can issue a “Final Notice of Intent to Levy” which provides 30 days to request a hearing. If you do not pay and do not request a hearing, the IRS will issue the IRS levy. This entire levy process is usually conducted by their computer system. This is called the "Automated Collection System" (ACS).

How can I avoid an IRS levy?

As you can imagine, the best way to stop a levy is to prevent one in the first place! If you have an unpaid tax bill, you should consult with us immediately so that you can avoid a levy entirely!

If you are actively working to resolve your tax debt, the IRS will not (or cannot) levy. Many times, we can avoid an IRS levy by entering into an IRS installment agreement (IRS payment plan), by settling tax debt for less than owed using an Offer in Compromise, or by showing a financial hardship exists.

If the IRS already issued a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, we can avoid the levy by requesting a Collection Due Process Hearing. One tax relief strategy our tax professionals may use is a Collection Due Process Hearing to give us time to propose an installment agreement or Offer in Compromise.

How Can I Stop an IRS Levy?

To stop an IRS levy, you need to obtain a “levy release”. If the IRS has frozen your bank account or garnished your wages before you speak with us, you may need a levy release. Our Tax Attorneys can help with that.

The IRS is required to release a levy if you meet any one of the following:

1. You paid the amount you owe

2. Releasing the levy will help you pay your taxes,

3. You enter into an Installment Agreement and the terms of the agreement don’t allow for the levy to continue,

4. The levy creates an economic hardship (Currently not Collectible), meaning the IRS has determined the levy prevents you from meeting basic, reasonable living expenses, or

5. The value of the property is more than the amount owed and releasing the levy will not hinder the ability of the IRS to collect the amount owed. Our Tax Attorneys can give you immediate relief from your tax problems.

When you hire a tax attorney, the IRS is no longer permitted to speak with you. They are required by law to communicate directly with your attorney. We have experience helping taxpayers like you eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax debt.

Our Tax Attorneys can stop an IRS levy immediately

Better yet, in many cases, we can get a “collection hold” on your account the same day you hire us. If we show the IRS that you are serious about resolving your debt, we can stop the levy.

Our tax attorneys routinely stop an IRS wage garnishment immediately.

Because an IRS wage garnishment generally follows the same rule as an IRS levy, we can get a “collection hold” on your account the same day you hire us. If we show the IRS that you are serious about resolving your tax debt, we can stop the wage garnishment. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation with our tax professionals and stop an IRS levy or IRS wage garnishment today. Are you ready to save your paycheck?

This article was written by the tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief. Our teams have been providing valuable IRS Tax Debt Help at a very affordable fee for more than a decade. We are strategically located in Clearwater, Florida, and San Diego, California. This allows us to be available to both our clients and the IRS from 8 A.M. Eastern to 6 P.M. Pacific time. This is a tremendous asset when stopping an IRS levy in one day.





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