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Resolve your IRS Debt this Tax Season with Flat Fee Tax Relief


Coast to Coast IRS Tax Relief Solutions This tax resolution company could save you thousands in tax debt.

Tax season is not only stressful due to taxes owed, but for the multitude of problems that can arise when it comes to paying the tax liability.

There may be steps that can be taken to

settle the tax debt for less or place the tax debt into Currently not Collectible status.

A tax debt of $10,000 or more may be settled for less, and a taxpayer unable to pay the every day expenses PLUS their tax debt may be placed into Currently not Collectible status. Thousands of Americans need help after an IRS audit, when it comes to tax fraud claims, or negotiating tax relief, all without a feasible solution in sight. For those suffering from tax debt troubles, Flat Fee Tax Relief is your knight in shining armor for serious tax situations. Flat Fee Tax Relief is one of the most established tax resolution companies, specializing in an area where relief from IRS enforcement is desperately needed yet hardly available—and never for such an affordable price. The truth is, any average American can easily face tax issues, whether it’s an issue with an IRS, 401-K (early pay out), non-filed tax returns, under reported income, or simply an inability to pay.

Receiving a threatening letter (Go to our Blog for more on #IRSNotices) from the IRS or incurring tax penalties can be overwhelming, which is why Flat Fee Tax Relief is here to advocate on your behalf. Community Tax helps consumers settle large sums of IRS and State tax debt and avoid additional penalties or fees by negotiating with the IRS, ensuring that clients receive the best relief package for their unique situation. A word of caution, never pay a fee for a "so-called investigation." Many tax relief firms charge a $500 fee for nothing. When you become our client, we call the IRS immediately to inform the Agency that you have representation. At he same time, we fax the Power of Attorney (IRS 2848 Form). This is when an "investigation phone call" takes place. We do not charge an extra fee for this because it's all part our service. This article is brought to you by the tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief. We are licensed in all 50 states and strategically located in Clearwater, Florida, and San Diego, California. our tax professionals provide valuable IRS tax relief solutions from coast to coast. We are Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have always maintained an A-Plus Rating.


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