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Offers in Compromise | IRS Settlement

Updated: Sep 21


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IRS Tax Relief - Offer in Compromise

Despite the common wisdom out there, you can settle for less than what you may owe the IRS!

This is the tax relief program that is called an “Offer in Compromise“. Many people do not realize that they are eligible to negotiate with the IRS. If you are eligible and qualified for an Offer in Compromise (#OIC), some or all of the tax, penalties, and interest you owe could be dramatically whittled down. The best part is that all federal tax liens will be released if successful. You qualify for an Offer in Compromise(#IRSsettlement) because you are simply not able to pay your tax bill. you qualify for an Offer in Compromise if you owe more than $10,000. You are eligible for an Offer in Compromise if your last 6 tax returns have been filed. Whether you owe $20,000 or $200,000, you can possibly end up only owing as little as $100. You do not need to be "destitute." to qualify. The IRS usually approves approximately 42% of the Offers in Compromise submitted yearly. Most often, the number one reason for rejection is paper work problems. Some taxpayers will decide to handle their own Offer in Compromise, and unfortunately end up worse off than when they started. Why? Due to a lack of experience dealing with the IRS, some taxpayers don’t negotiate as well as necessary and they offer too much or too little. Others make the big mistake of saying the wrong thing, or being deceptive which could result in facing criminal prosecution for tax fraud. This is a very risky proposition. No matter who you are, or what your background, always assume this: the IRS knows more about tax problems and what to look for in a cheater or tax evader than you do.

The clients of Flat Fee Tax Relief have enjoyed a 96% Offer in Compromise approval rate over the past decade. Our Success Handling an Offer in Compromise Our Tax Attorneys will handle the entire Offer in Compromise submission for you, limit the amount of your offer, and keep you on the positive side of the law. With our teams on your side, you’ll never be required to meet with the IRS. The negotiations are based on the proper valuation of your assets, typical living expenses and monthly income.

People qualify for an Offer in Compromise when:

1. Their assessed tax is incorrect.

2. The IRS does not think the full amount of tax owed could ever be paid within the Statute of Limitations.

3. The taxpayer has a serious economic hardship – an expensive, life threatening illness for example. Know this: The IRS wants to accomplish 2 gols. One is to make a collection no matter the amount. The second item is to close a file. Offers in Compromise accomplish both.

Many people will never ever be able to pay off the IRS. Tax penalties and interest can make it very hard. Sometimes you need to take proactive action so you can get your life back. Most of the time, people who are dealing with these types of IRS problems will never get ahead. You can stop looking over your shoulder. The IRS can sometimes make decisions based on incomplete facts. The tax pros at Flat Fee Tax Relief will negotiate an offer in compromise with the IRS on your behalf. Dealing with tax problems can be one of the most stressful times of anyone’s life; don’t handle your own Offer in Compromise – hire a tax attorney who specializes in tax law and helps people get rid of their IRS problems for a living.


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