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Key West - IRS Notice to Levy

Updated: Sep 21


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You need not worry as you will never have to speak to the IRS. Not only can we have your IRS levy released in one day but our tax professionals can settle your tax debt at the same time.

Immediately upon becoming our client, the IRS Attorney handling your file will email you our financial questionnaire. This questionnaire will take your approximately 15 minutes to complete. Within 24 hours of receiving your current documented financial statement we can get your IRS bank levy or wage garnishment released. If the IRS has sent a Notice of Intent to Levy or a Notice to Levy on your bank account or on your wages simply by calling Flat Fee Tax Relief, our tax professionals can usually get those levies stopped and released before the IRS confiscates your money.

How can Flat Fee Tax Relief immediately get Notices of Bank Levy and Wage Garnishment Released?

The process of releasing an IRS Wage Garnishment or Bank Levy:

1. As your tax representative, our IRS Attorney will immediately send a power of attorney (IRS Form 2848) to the IRS letting them know that you have representation.. You will never have to speak to the IRS again. We will handle all correspondence. 2. We will make sure all your tax returns are filed and current. If your tax returns are not up to date, the IRS will refuse to work your case. This is leverage that they use to get you compliant. We can pull tax transcripts, file and prepare your tax returns within days, even if you have lost your tax records. We can reconstruct tax records if necessary. 3. The IRS requires (may ) fully documented current financial statement. We will secure the required 433A or 433F (IRS financial statement), verify the income and expenses and work out a settlement agreement. The IRS will require a closing settlement method for each case. 4. We review with our clients how they want to settle their case and what are the tax relief options available to them. We will get them the best agreement based on their current financial needs. 5. IRS settlement closing methods are usually Hardship (#CurrentlynotCollectible), Payment Agreements (#InstallmentAgreement) and/or the filing of the Offer in Compromise *#OfferinCompromise). 6. Our IRS professionals can get your money back in your hands before IRS has the chance to take it.

7. It is important to know when the IRS issues an order levy your bank account, the bank freezes (hold) your money for 21 days. The 21 days includes Saturday, Sunday and holidays). If you contact our teams quick enough, our Tax Attorneys definitely have time to release your levy.

What are the Rules and the Law of a Wage Garnishment? If the IRS levies (seizes) your wages, part of your wages will be sent to the IRS each pay period until:

• You make some sort of arrangements to pay your overdue taxes,

• The amount of overdue taxes you owe is paid in full, or

• The wage or bank levy is stopped and released.

Part of your wages may be exempt from an IRS levy and the exempt amount will be paid to you. The exempt amount is based on the standard deduction and an “amount determined” calculated in part based on the number of dependents you are allowed for the year the levy is served. The "exempt amount" will not be enough to to pay your bills and live on.

1. The IRS sends out Publication 1494 (PDF) with the levy which explains to your employer how to determine the amount exempt from levy.

2. Your employer will provide you with a Statement of Dependents and Filing Status to complete and return within three days.

If you do not return the statement in three days, your exempt amount is figured as if you are married filing separately with no dependents (zero).

If you have other income sources, the IRS may allocate the exemptions to the other income source and levy on 100% of the income from a particular employer.

Let's Go Over the IRS For Bank Levies

The rules of IRS bank levies are a little different than wage garnishment levies. the bank has a 21 day hold before the institution sends the money to the Internal Revenue Service. Basically, IRS gives the taxpayer 21 days to resolve the issue before taking the money out of their bank account. Once again, the 21 days includes Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Please be advised, you can use your bank account because IRS only freezes the money that day that the levy was received by the bank institution, thus, that is the only money that’s frozen.

Call us today and find out why Flat Fee Tax Relief is the Keys first choice in IRS tax relief.


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