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IRS Tax Help Tips | Flat Fee Tax Relief | Florida | United States

Updated: May 29, 2020

We have all viewed the myriad of television commercials regarding IRS tax resolution. Choosing an IRS tax relief team should not be daunting. Flat Fee Tax Relief provides you with a few tips to help you make an informed choice.

The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief provides valuable IRS tax debt help at a very affordable fee. Our teams are located in Clearwater, FL, and San Digo, CA.

Choose an IRS tax resolution company by first checking its rating on the Better Business Bureau website. Look at the experience and reviews. Is the IRS tax resolution company that you are looking at accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

You can check our Better Business Bureau record and reviews by clicking here:


Now that you clicked on the above link to the Flat Fee Tax Service record, how does our competitors compare? Are they Accredited? Check the company’s rating on the BBB website. Look out for complaints, especially those that have occurred in the past few months. Find out whether there is an ongoing lawsuit against the company.

Read the Better Business Bureau reviews which are real reviews and not some “made up” puff pieces. Find out how long the company has been in operation. IRS tax resolution companies that have been in the business for a long time are usually better. Ask about the employees and how much experience they have in the field. Former IRS agents and teaching instructors make better representatives because they know the system.

When you call the IRS tax resolution company that you hired, will be speaking directly to the person who would be assigned your case. Ask about previous cases that he has worked on and their results. Inquire about the way forward where your case is concerned as well as the possible outcomes. A professional who is unavailable or unable to talk to you is a red flag.

Choose an IRS tax resolution company that charges a flat fee to avoid hefty bills. Get quotes from two or three companies, and make a decision based on the best value for your money. Will the IRS tax resolution company stretch out your fee payments over 10 months?


It doesn’t matter whether you owe $10,000 or $90,000 when it comes to charging you a fee for tax relief service. It is the same amount of work for nearly every Offer in Compromise. It is a matter of labor hours, which is why Flat Fee Tax Relief can charge the same low affordable fee for “just about everyone.”


1. Guided by our Christian Values.

2. Honest, Straightforward and Hard Working.

3. No Client Complaints.

4. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. A-Plus Rating. 

5. Experienced IRS Tax Attorneys will Handle your IRS

6. Problem and Work Directly with You.

7. Stop your IRS Wage Levy in One (1) Day.

8. 96% of our Clients who Have Submitted an IRS Offer in Compromise Have Received a Successful IRS Settlement.

9. Very Affordable Fees Stretched over a 10 Month Period.

Our Clients receive Positive Results.



Call 1-866-747-7435 for your Free & Confidential Consultation.


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