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Updated: Aug 24


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The IRS wants to do 2 things: Collect money and close a file. The IRS realizes that there are special circumstances where taxpayers should not be held liable for all of their tax debt. There are several ways to settle for less than you owe. Here are some tax debt settlement options.

Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise (IRS OIC) is a tax relief option that offers to settle tax debt for less than you owe. Everyone isn't eligible to settle with the IRS, but many of your are. The settlement process is cumbersome, and there are strict qualification requirements. The IRS will only accept an Offer in Compromise if your offer is equal to or greater than the amount the agency would be able to collect using forced collection mechanisms (seizing assets, garnishing wages, etc.). THE TAX PROFESSIONALS AT FLAT FEE TAX RELIEF HAVE A 96% OFFER IN COMPROMISE SUCCESS RATE. THE NATIONAL AVERAGE IS APPROXIMATELY 42%. Penalty Abatement

An IRS Penalty Abatement is when the IRS waives penalties. This is a common method for settling taxes for less than you owe. In fact, about a third of all IRS penalties are removed at a later date. Partial Payment Installment Agreement

A Partial Payment Installment Agreement is when you make payments based on what you can afford rather than the monthly amount required to satisfy the tax debt in full before the CSEDs expire. The balance gets reduced as the statute of collections comes into effect. Under that statute, IRS tax debt expires after a certain period of time (generally 10 years from the date it is assessed). As the expiration date hits, that tax debt is erased, and you are no longer responsible for it.

Why pay a tax debt if it is just going to expire? Because setting up a payment plan stops the IRS from taking enforced collection actions like the seizure of assets, garnishing your wages, or taking your passport. Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse (#IRStaxrelief) is available to taxpayers who have filed jointly with their spouse or former spouse. Normally, both spouses are liable for all tax, penalties, and interest, but there are some rare situations where it’s unfair to hold both spouses liable. If you qualify, the IRS still holds the spouse liable, but you aren’t responsible. Tax Settlement Services

The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief have been providing valuable IRS tax debt help at a very affordable fee for more than a decade. Ours teams are located in Clearwater, FL, and San Diego, CA.

This allows our tax professionals to provide IRS Tax relief across all time zones. Flat Fee Tax Relief is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have always maintained an A-Plus rating.

If you are looking for a tax settlement either for IRS or state taxes, call to have our tax professionals analyze your financial situation. We can help you figure out which tax relief program is best for your situation. There are many different types of tax settlements. It helps to consult with a licensed tax professional to find out exactly what tax relief options are available to you.






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