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IRS Tax Debt Relief | Flat Fee Tax Relief | Florida | United States

Updated: Aug 11

IRS Tax Relief in Florida - Nationwide

Unpaid tax debt can be a huge problem. If you owe income tax to the Internal Revenue Service, a tax attorney can help you negotiate a settlement (#OfferinCompromise), place you in Currently not Collectible status, or come up with a payment plan that you can actually live with.

There are serious legal consequences if you have unpaid tax debt. The federal government can:

1. Put a tax lien on your assets, such as your home, car, bank account and other property of value. 2. A tax lien prevents you from selling the property until the outstanding debt is paid.

3. Seize those same assets using a tax levy, then sell the property and use the money to pay your tax bill.

4. Add tax penalties, in the form of fines and interest charges, to your outstanding balance.

There is a 10-year statute of limitations on tax debt, which means that the IRS legally cannot collect unpaid taxes after 10 years have passed from the date of assessment. But the IRS will make every effort to collect the money before too much time has passed. That's why it makes sense to hire a Florida tax lawyer to help you find a workable solution to your federal tax debt problem.

How Can a Florida Tax Relief Attorney Help You

Should you want to DIY (do it yourself), you can work directly with the IRS in an effort to resolve your tax issues. You can try to handle the IRS yourself, but do you really want to? When you hire a tax debt attorney (in Florida or anywhere in the United States), our tax professionals will:

a. Contact the IRS on your behalf and file the Power of Attorney.

b. Analyze your tax debt, your past returns and the results of any tax audits to ensure the accuracy of your unpaid tax bill

c. Review your finances to determine how much or how little you can afford to pay to the IRS in a single lump-sum payment or on a monthly basis

d. Explain your tax relief options for paying your tax debt and help you decide which is best for you

e. Apply on your behalf for a penalty abatement, currently not collectible, offer in compromise and/or installment payment plan, depending on which solution best fits your financial situation.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Florida Tax Debt Lawyer

When hiring a tax debt attorney for a Florida tax debt problem, there are a few factors to consider:

Experience: Has the attorney previously worked with clients facing tax debt problems similar to yours? How long has the tax attorney been resolving Florida tax debt?

Price: Does the lawyer charge a flat fee or hourly rate? Are the fees posted on their website ( Will the tax professionals let you pay their fee over time? Can you afford to pay the Florida tax professional's fee? BBB RATING: Are the tax professionals listed with the Better Business Bureau? Are they Acreditted? Do they possess an A-Plus rating?

Comfort Level: Do the tax professionals seem to listen carefully as you describe your tax problem? Do they explain your options in clear terms. Do you feel comfortable with the potential tax relief solutions that have been presented? Do you trust the lawyer to handle your tax debt issue? We have all been lock-downed. There has never been any real reason why you needed to visit a tax relief professional in person. Now there really isn't any reason. All you need is a phone, an email and/or fax. That's all you ever needed. GIVE OUR TEAM A CALL: 1-866-747-7435


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