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IRS Offer in Compromise | Making a Deal with the IRS

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Our tax professionals assist our clients with the IRS Offer-in-Compromise program. An Offer in Compromise (IRS OIC) means that the IRS will accept far less than the total amount of tax liability owed to settle their tax debt.

The Offer-in-Compromise program is a financial formula. An offer will not be accepted if the taxpayer fails to properly consider the correct formula and makes a settlement offer that has no chance of success. As long as the taxpayer’s offer meets or exceeds the IRS formula, then the settlement should be accepted. The Steps to a Successful Offer in Compromise

The Offer-in-Compromise process consists of several steps.

1. Our Tax Attorneys ensure that the client meets the basic requirements to qualify for an offer. This includes an analysis of the client’s tax compliance history and a determination of where the client stands in the 10-year collection Statute of Limitations. This step requires a careful review of the client’s IRS transcripts. It should be noted that IRS transcripts are notoriously confusing and difficult to interpret.

2. Our team performs a detailed financial analysis to determine whether or not the client qualifies for the Offer program (#OfferinCompromise), or any other IRS program, to resolve and reduce their tax debt.

3. We prepare the required the Offer package for submission to the IRS, with all required supporting documentation.

Then, we wait for the IRS respond. When dealing with the IRS, it's can be like "watching paint dry." Normally, you can assume that it will take at least 10 to 12 months for the offer to be approved. However, due to COVID-19, we believe the IRS will be overwhelmed with request to settle tax debt. YOU WILL HAVE TWO PAYMENT OPTIONS.

You can either pay your settlement in a lump sum or the accepted Offer in Compromise can be paid in installments.


We expect that the economic downturn of 2020 related to Covid-19 will result in a significant increase in the number of taxpayers who will be unable to pay their past due income taxes. Based on our experience with the Offer in Compromise program, we believe the IRS will be forced to approve more than the 42% the Agency has been historically approving. The IRS wants and needs to close files. The sheer volume of taxpayers experiencing financial problems will overwhelm them. This is our opinion.

This article is brought to you by the tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief. Our teams are located in Clearwater, Florida, and San Diego, California. We have been providing valuable IRS tax debt help at a very affordable fee for more than a decade.

Flat Fee Tax relief has a 96 percent Offer in Compromise success rate.
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