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IRS Offer in Compromise | Tiffin, Iowa | Flat Fee Tax Service | United States

Updated: Jul 3

Flat Fee Tax Relief is so very happy to announce another successful acceptance of an IRS Offer in Compromise. A client of ours is getting a Fresh Start due to the work of the IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.

William and Roberta A. of Tiffin, Iowa came to Flat Fee Tax Relief because they had a tremendous IRS tax debt. Our clients, William and Roberta A. owed the IRS a tax debt of $167,130. They were desperate, anxious and filled with fear. IRS levies and liens were coming down on them.


William and Roberta A. of Tiffin, Iowa settled with the IRS. They will pay the IRS a settlement of $1900 on what was a $167,130 tax debt.


Flat Fee Tax Relief has a 96% success in getting our clients a successful Offer in Compromise. How can that be when the national average is 25%, you may ask? Well, it is simple. Flat Fee Tax Relief will only submit offers of settlement to the IRS when we know it will most likely be successful. Our tax relief team knows how to put together the complicated paperwork necessary for a successful Offer in Compromise.

Also, our experienced tax attorneys know the complicated financial formula that the IRS uses to calculate an Offer in Compromise.

Flat Fee Tax Relief cannot guarantee a result as the IRS prohibits anyone from guaranteeing a settlement result. However, we do know the IRS regulations regarding the Offer in Compromise program and we know what it takes to be successful.

It takes about a year to reach an IRS Offer in Compromise conclusion. Think of it this way, “it’s like watching paint dry.” During this period of time, the IRS will leave you alone. If you have a Revenue Officer, that Revenue Officer will have to close their file on you.

If you are struggling financially, you really should look at receiving a Fresh Start through the expanded IRS Offer in compromise program. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your family.


1. Guided by our Christian Values. 2. Fully Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Maintain an A-Rating. 3. No Client Complaints. 4. Experienced IRS Tax Attorneys. 5. IRS Levies stopped and released within 1 day (in nearly every case). 6. 95% of Flat Fee Tax Service clients have been successful in receiving an IRS settlement. 7. Very Affordable IRS Help. Fees are posted on the front page of our website. 8. Our fees can be paid in small monthly installments. 9. Flat Fee Tax Service is dependable, honest and thorough.



Flat Fee Tax Relief is available to help you. What are you waiting for?

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