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IRS Notices | Offer in Compromise Acceptance

Updated: Sep 21


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The Offer in Compromise Acceptance letter is the "Holy Grail" of IRS Notices. When you receive this IRS settlement acceptance notice, you have been given a new lease on your financial life. The IRS only sends out this OIC Acceptance letter to 42% of the Offer in Compromise submissions. Should you receive an OIC Acceptance letter, you probably had an experienced tax professional prepare your IRS settlement. The number one reason why the IRS declines an Offer in Compromise is due to procedural problems. Procedural issues will include paper-work problems as well as missed deadlines. Once your OIC is accepted, the Agency will remove a tax lien off your record for less than the full amount is by getting an Offer in Compromise accepted. The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief has lots and lots of experience constructing compelling offers that get accepted by the IRS, so please get a hold of us if you'd like to greatly improve your odds of getting your offer accepted. DID YOU KNOW THIS? FLAT FEE TAX RELIEF HAS A 96% OFFER IN COMPROMISE SUCCESS RATE. IF YOU UNFAMILIAR WITH FLAT FEE TAX RELIEF, YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T. You may ask, "how does Flat Fee Tax Relief have a 96% OIC rate of success when the national average is 42%?

Here's the answer. Our teams will not pretend that your set of circumstances make you eligible and qualified for an OIC. We won't lie to you in order to separate you from your money. We have been so successful at settling IRS tax debt that our Tax Attorneys know what will fly and what will not. During our initial consultation, we will know whether or not you should be submitting an Offer in Compromise. We will ask the appropriate questions needed to come up with the right tax relief solution for you. It only takes about 30 minutes. Is having your IRS problems worth 30 minutes of your time? This article is brought to by the tax pros at Flat Fee Tax Relief. We are licensed in all 50 states and is strategically located in Clearwater, Florida, and San Diego, California. Offering coast to coast coverage allows our teams to be available to our clients and the IRS in all time zones.


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