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IRS Notices | 668-W: Notice of Levy on Wages, Salary, and Other Income


Coast to Coast IRS Tax Relief Options

When your employer receives one of these orders, your employer is obligated to comply with the IRS enforcement action. You will be faced with several options:

1. You could, impulsively, quit your job which is never a good idea.

2. You could file bankruptcy. This is probably not a good idea as well. A bankruptcy may not get rid of all of your tax debt.

3.You could lay down and just let the IRS take your money for what will seem like forever.

4. You can call the IRS and try to get the levy (#wagegarnishment) released by agreeing to an inflated Installment Agreement.

5. You can call the tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief who have a well established track record at getting the IRS to release a wage garnishment in one day. This is most likely your best bet. The IRS warned you several times (CP-504, LT-11, IRS Notice 1058, and now your wages/salary are being levied. It's not too late to take action at this point, but you'll want to act quickly and attempt to release the levy. Please get a hold of us! When the IRS orders a seizure of your wages (#IRSwagegarnishment), you will be left with little to no money. Your rent/mortgage, your car payment, your utility payment, your cell phone payment, food and clothing, car insurance, etc. will all be stressed.

Collecting immediate money is but one reason for wage seizure. The IRS wants to hear from you so that they can find out everything about you and then force you into a payment plan. This payment plan may be something that you will never be able to keep to it. If you default on an IRS Installment Agreement, the cycle starts all over again.

Our Tax Attorneys have been experts at having the IRS release a wage levy in one day for more than a decade. Once a wage levy is released, then the next step is to find a complete tax relief option for our client. A complete tax relief solution would be a settlement of the tax debt (#OfferinCompromise), having our client placed into Currently not Collectible status (#CNC), or as a last resort, negotiating a payment plan that our client can honestly live with. Flat Fee Tax Relief is a coast to coast tax relief firm. Strategically located in Clearwater, Florida and San Diego, California, the difference in time zones is a distinct advantage. When having a wage levy released, the extra hours to contact the IRS is a huge plus. When the IRS is closed at 5 P.M. on the east coast, the agency is still open on the west coast.


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