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IRS NOTICES | 1058 - IRS 1058 | Final Notice of Intent to Levy


Coast to Coast IRS Tax Relief Options

If you are one of the unfortunate and have received one of these IRS Notices (1058), you are well on your way to having your wages garnished, bank account(s) levied or other property seized. Do you have a motorcycle or boat??

An IRS 1058 Notice is a "Final Notice of Intent to Levy." The IRS isn't kidding around. The Agency is about to "take all of your stuff." You already received a CP-504 OR LT-11 letter (Notice of Intent to Levy) and haven't taken action, and now the IRS has put you on notice of its intent to levy. This time the IRS really does mean business. If you don't respond in 45 days, you can expect a bank levy or wage levy. If the IRS orders a levy, expect your wages to be seized and your bank account to be cleaned out. The 1058 letter usually comes from a Revenue Officer. The equivalent of this letter in Automated Collection Systems (ACS) is not numbered and just says FINAL NOTICE OF INTENT TO LEVY.

If you have the 1058 version of the Final Notice of Intent to Levy, a Revenue Officer is involved. That is bad news for you. This complicates things immensely. IRS Revenue Officers have a great deal of power. Revenue Officers aren't "rookies." They are seasoned professionals. You are not going to be able to run the "Old Razzle Dazzle" on them. You will need a seasoned tax professional to get you out of trouble.

As with all IRS Notices, the IRS has only one obligation. That obligation is to mail out a Notice. The IRS has no obligation to make sure that you received the Notice. The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief has been highly successful at having the IRS stopping and releasing an IRS levy for more than a decade. Having an IRS levy stopped and released is the first step in tax relief. The next step is to settle your tax debt.

Flat Fee Tax Relief is a coast to coast tax relief company. Located in both Clearwater, Florida, and San Diego, California, our teams are strategically located. The time zone difference allows not only our clients to contact the Attorney handling their case over a longer period of time, but it allows our Tax Attorneys to contact the IRS over the extended times. That's a huge advantage when you need a levy stopped in one day.


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