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IRS Enforcement IS Making News | IRS Liens and Levies

Updated: Sep 20


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President Joe Biden has proposed giving an extra $80 billion over the next decade to the IRS to collect taxes. On top of that, Senator Elizabeth Warren is bringing legislation for a vote that will increase IRS Agents by 83,000. Does anyone, except the naïve, really believe that these increases in money and manpower are going to exclusively target the so-called "super rich." There aren't enough "super rich" taxpayers to go after. The IRS will be coming for the middle class. That's you.

While that’s welcome news for some in the tax profession, taxpayers may not be so sure. Many taxpayers already fear the IRS, and the idea that the agency may be getting more money for enforcement justifies our concern. The IRS is coming for you.

The Coalition to Protect American Workers is aware of the consequences and is now running ads with a foreboding background and a voice-over that warns: “If Joe Biden gets his way, they’re coming: IRS agents.” The ad continues and says the agents are “aggressively coming for every dime they can grab at your house and at our small businesses.”

Someone has to pay for all of their spending and the "super rich" doesn't have enough money to cover the tab. Plus, the "super rich" have "super accountants." The IRS has a host of tools at its disposal to collect taxes owed. The two that you tend to hear about most are tax liens as well as levies (Wage and Bank). Both are considered administrative enforcement since they don’t require judicial action. the only requirement that the Agency has is to mail out the proper Notices. The IRS has no obligation to see that you actually received the notice. A Federal Tax Lien May Affect Your Credit and Will Tie Up Your Property. Now, the Credit Reporting Services (Trans Union, etc.) no longer list Tax Liens, however, a Tax Lien will be filed with your County Recorder. This will freeze all of your property. A Federal Tax Lien will in effect be a blanket lien on all of your property (autos, real estate, etc.). A tax lien is a passive collection. It sits there silently until you try and sell your property or try and re-finance. Federal Tax Levies (Wage and Bank) In my opinion, the IRS most lethal enforcement tool is the levy (garnishment). When the IRS computer (ACS) matches your employer, or your bank, with your Social Security number, "BINGO," the Levy will strike. Your wages will be seized. You paycheck will be taken from you. Your bank account will be emptied. Don't Be Afraid To Ask for Help

Clearly, an IRS levy on your wages and/or bank is a dramatic and devastating IRS enforcement action. This is why it’s the stuff of cable tv ad campaigns. You can resolve your tax debt before the IRS moves to levy—or lien—your assets. Many of these steps may require you to act quickly. If all of this feels overwhelming, keep in mind that when you have IRS tax debt, you don’t have to go it alone: You can be represented by a tax professional. The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief, can stop the levy prior to it's order to seize your bank or employer. Our tax pros routinely have IRS Levies stopped and released within 24 hours. Once the tax levy is taken care, the totality of the tax debt will need to be resolved. In summation, the IRS will be given even more resources to collect tax debt. That can only have one effect. increased levies and liens. You are now forewarned.


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