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Turning Your IRS Headache into Peace of Mind. That's what the tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief do on a daily basis.

Don’t let fear, frustration or worry prevent you from acting. IRS problems (#taxdebt) won’t go away on their own. What's the solution? A knowledgeable IRS tax professional with experience in resolving and reducing outstanding tax debt is critical to your success. Enter the tax pros at Flat Fee Tax Relief.

Our IRS Collections professionals specialize in addressing issues with the IRS. This includes tax return issues, releasing tax levies and liens, and settling back tax debt. Get Help with IRS Debt Collection Feel like you’ve exhausted all your options when it comes to dealing with the IRS? Working with an experienced IRS collections specialist can help you protect your business or assets (wages, paycheck, bank account) and avoid losing what you have. The professionals of Flat Fee Tax Relief are trained to work with the IRS to address back taxes owed, create installment agreements and negotiate settlements of your outstanding tax debt.

Flat Fee Tax Relief will take care of your IRS back taxes owed so you can return to business as usual.

Our Coast to Coast teams help relieve the worry and fear of dealing with the IRS. Our Tax Attorneys:

1. Work directly with the IRS so you don’t have to. 2. Create alternatives to tax liens and levies.

3. Negotiate payment plan for back taxes owed, penalties and interest.

4. Prepare negotiated settlement of total taxes owed, known as an Offer in Compromise. 5. Remove, reduce or analyze payment plans

6. Work to remove or reduce tax penalties

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IRS Tax Relief Programs

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IRS Tax Relief Programs