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Copy of Notice of Intent to Levy | IRS LT 11 or Letter 1058 | Flat Fee Tax Relief

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Have You Had the Displeasure of Receiving an IRS Notice of Intent to Levy?

Have You Been Lucky Enough to Receive an IRS Notice to Levy? IRS Certified Mail?

What is the IRS telling you when they send you an IRS LT 11 or IRS Letter 1058?


1. Your Paycheck. 2. Your Wages. 3. Your Commissions. 4. Your Social Security Benefit. 5. Your Social Security Disability (SSDI). 6. Your Veteran’s Check. 7. Your Car. Your Truck. Your Motorcycle. 8. Any Asset That can Be Converted to Cash.

What are your tax relief options?

1. Put a check for the entire balance in an envelope and send it to the IRS. If you cannot do that, we can continue doing what you have been doing (which has been nothing) and suffer the consequences.


2. Call Flat Fee Tax Relief and have your IRS Levy (tax garnishment) stopped and released in 1 day. Our IRS tax relief team is the industry leader (and has been for years) in having an IRS Levy stopped and released.

How Much Time Before You Lose Your Money?

If you received a Notice to Levy, you can be levied at any time. If you have received a Notice of Intent to Levy, you have 30 days before your money will be taken from you.

You may be eligible to be declared Currently Not Collectible. The IRS will leave you alone for the moment. The IRS can, at any time, review your situation. The IRS will file an IRS Tax Lien against you.

You may be able to settle your IRS tax debt and get yourself a Fresh Start through the expanded Offer in Compromise program. The Offer in Compromise process takes approximately one (1) year to complete. If you are eligible and qualified to settle with the IRS, you can be done in a year. During the Offer in Compromise process, the IRS will cease collection efforts.



1. Guided by our Christian Values. 2. Fully Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We have an A-Rating. No Client Complaints. 3. Our IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Relief will, in most cases, have your IRS levy stopped and released within hours. We have never failed to have an IRS Levy stopped and released. 4. You will work directly with an experienced IRS Tax Attorney. 5. Flat Fee Tax Relief offers the best values for services along with low monthly fees at a flat rate. 6. Flat Fee Tax Relief provides our clients with positive results.

For Your Free and Confidential Consultation,

Call our IRS Levy Help – Line: 1-866-747-7435

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