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Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has opened a second location in Clearwater, Florida. The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief have provided valuable IRS debt help at a very affordable fee for more than a decade. 

Why Flat Fee Tax Relief?

  • The highest success rate in the industry - 96% Offer in Compromise Success Rate

  • We immediately stop aggressive IRS enforcement actions 

  • OUR Tax Attorneys routinely have an IRS wage garnishment stopped in one day.

  • Client savings of $100 million +

  • Most clients settle with the IRS for less than $1,500

  • Our clients have direct access to the Tax Attorney handling their IRS tax debt.

Do you have non-filed tax returns? No problem. Our tax pros prepare and follow through with filing missing tax returns, and settling IRS tax debt (Offer in Compromise). You must have the last six (6) years of ta returns filed.

Having a second location in Florida allows our tax professionals to be available from 8 A.M. Eastern to 6 P.M. Pacific time. Our extended hours are a tremendous advantage when stopping an IRS levy (wage garnishment) in one day is of paramount importance.

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 we have continually maintained an A-Plus Rating


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FAQ - Stop IRS Collection Completely

How Can I Have My Tax Liability Put On Hold?

The IRS will compare your gross monthly income against your everyday expenses. Everyday expenses are called "allowable expenses." Allowable expenses range from rent/mortgage payment, car payment(s), secured loans, term life insurance, utilities, upkeep of your vehicle, health insurance, child support, alimony, etc. You do not have to be "destitute" to have the IRS back off from their enforcement efforts. A tax professional can prove to the IRS that there isn't any money left over to make payments toward the tax debt. Flat Fee Tax Relief knows what the qualifications for an IRS enforcement hold and how to present it in such a way that you benefit.

Does The IRS Use Private Collection Agencies?

Yes. Federal law allows the IRS to outsource the collection oof a tax debt to an Private Collection Agency. A Private Collection Agency is paid a commission on what they collect. So the Collection Agency is going to very aggressive because it's in their self interest.

The Collection Agency is not about to let you know what your Rights are, nor are they going to tell you whether or not you are eligilble for Currently not Collectible status. The Collection Agency will not know if you can settle your tax debt with an Offer in Compromise.
The Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Relief know how to handle Collection Agencies and how to remove them from the tax resolution process. Our tax pros know how to protect you and your rights.

If The IRS Puts A Hold On My Tax Case, Can The Agency Still File a Tax Lien or Order A Tax Levy?

if your tax liability is placed into Currently not Collectible status, your tax debt will not entirely go away until the Statute of Limitations expires. The IRS will not order a levy ( wage garnishment or bank levy) while you are in Currently not Collectible status. The IRS will not persue collection enforcement while in Currently not Collectible status.

The IRS will, more than likely, file a federal tax lien and penalties and interest will continue to accrue, but you will not be paying them. The IRS tax lien won't be important unless you have a piece of property tht you plan on selling. If do have real property that is being sold, the IRS will apply whatever equity you have to be applied to the tax liability.