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Our IRS help team provides our clients with a guaranteed affordable flat fee for tax debt relief. There will never be any HIDDEN ADDITIONAL CHARGES. We DO NOT charge a fee to "investigate your IRS problem." Most tax relief companies charge $500 to supposedly "investigate a tax debt. Don't fall for it. The $500 that they charge is a complete RIPOFF. That $500 pays for their advertising and commissions to their salespeople. 

Many tax relief companies try to copy us but they can't. Not any of the tax relief companies can match our impeccable record and our very low fees. You can see this in their Google ads. These tax relief companies advertise as "affordable," "flat fee," and "affordable flat Fee."

Larger, more well-known tax relief companies rely on radio or TV advertising to generate business. This expensive advertising must be paid for by someone and that someone is you. You don't have to be charged inflated fees to receive real IRS help. 


The tax pros at Flat Fee Tax Relief provide valuable tax debt help at a very affordable fee and our fee can be paid, interest-free, over an eleven (11) month period.

Our teams are strategically located in Clearwater, Florida, and San Diego, California. We are available to our clients and the IRS from 8 A.M. Eastern to 6 P.M. Pacific time. Our extra hours have proven invaluable when the release of an IRS levy (wage garnishment - bank levy) is paramount.

$100 to $275 Individual Tax Returns

Unfiled Personal or Corporate Tax Returns?

Our highly trained tax experts will help you prepare your tax returns including all necessary schedules and forms. Your last 6 tax returns must be filed.

All unfiled tax returns must be filed prior to securing a Tax relief Program.

$650.00 - IRS Levy - IRS Garnishment Release

Our Tax Attorneys routinely have an IRS Levy (bank or wage) in one day.

Our Fee also includes the evaluation of your tax debt problem.

$2050 - Do you owe the IRS between $10K and $100K? This fee includes a tax levy release and an Offer in Compromise, Currently not Collectible, or an Installment Agreement.


Our fee is an initial $250 fee payment when becoming our client, then there are 10 payments of $180 per month. This comes to $2050 total.



$2900Do you owe the IRS between $100K and $250K. Do you have an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to your file? 

If you owe the IRS between $100K and $250K; pay only $2990 for complete tax debt help. This will 

IRS Levy release, plus an IRS Offer in Compromise, Currently Not Collectible or Installment Agreement.

Attention Small Business Owners:

We partner with GEM Bookkeeping Services for small businesses. 

Quickbooks Certified


Offers in Compromise

Payment Methods

  • Money Orders

  • Personal Checks

  • All Major Credit Cards. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

  • Debit Cards

  • Payment Plans Available