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Don’t let your tax debt haunt you.

Give yourself a fresh start today with our IRS Tax Relief program.


If you hate tax debt as much as we do, try our IRS Tax Relief program.

It gives you a fresh start. Give us a call to find out more.

Why Flat Fee Tax Relief?


1. The highest success rate in the industry - 96% Offer in Compromise Success Rate (the national average is ONLY 42%).

2 Our Tax Attorneys routinely stop aggressive IRS enforcement actions (IRS Levy). 

3. Our Tax Attorneys routinely have an IRS Levy (wage garnishment) stopped and released in one day.

4. Client settlements of $100 million +

Most clients settle with the IRS for less than $1,500.

5. Our clients have direct access to the Tax Attorney handling their IRS tax debt.

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Do you have non-filed tax returns?


No problem. Our tax relief teams prepare and follow through with filing missing tax returns and the settlement of tax debt (IRS Offer in Compromise). You must have the last six (6) years of tax returns filed to be qualified and eligible for an IRS settlement.



(5 Star BBB Rating)


The IRS and the FTC, both issue the below warning regarding Tax Relief Companies.


Behavior warranting a complaint to the IRS includes tax relief companies or individuals that:

1. promise that you will get relief from tax liabilities;

2. misrepresent how long it will take to process

3. debt relief request application; or

omit relevant asset information on financial statements submitted to the IRS. 


The IRS does not allow any of the tax relief companies to make promises. "Run for the hills" if any tax relief company makes a promise of a certain result in a certain amount of time.

Positive Results

Flat Fee Tax Relief will always "give it to you straight." Our position has always been, to be honest with each and every client from the point of the initial consultation. There is never a need to over-hype what can be accomplished for the client. Doing so serves no purpose and would lead to profound disappointment.


Your IRS tax problems are what they are. Your current financial situation is what it is. Our tax professionals present you in the most favorable light possible so that your tax settlement will be expedited.

A tremendous advantage for us is that we have our home office in San Diego, California as well as a second location in Florida. Being "coast-to-coast" allows our tax practitioners to be available from 8 A.M. Eastern to 6 P.M. Pacific time. Our extended hours come in handy when stopping an IRS Levy (wage garnishment) in one day is required to save a paycheck.