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Do you owe thousands in

tax debt to the IRS?


Has the IRS ordered a tax levy to confiscate your

wages or bank account?



Flat Fee - IRS Tax Relief 
Coast to Coast - IRS Help 

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Richard R. - Their tax attorneys were very professional and relentless negotiators.  I would recommend Flat Fee Tax Relief to anyone who needs competent representation before the IRS. Thanks, Dave for giving me my life back. 

David P. - Flat Fee Tax Relief is

awesome. They completely resolved my IRS tax issue.

The outcome was a lot

better than I could

have imagined before

I hired them in March 2017.

Flat Fee Tax Relief has been providing valuable IRS help at a very affordable fee for more than a decade. Our IRS problem solvers are strategically located both in Clearwater, Florida, and San Diego, CA


Flat Fee Tax Service is BBB Accredited with an A-Plus Rating.

Our Tax Lawyer(s) routinely have an IRS levy (wage garnishment, bank levy) stopped and released in one day.

You may ask how is that possible when you, yourself, can't get anyone at the IRS to answer the phone. As licensed tax professionals, we have a direct line to the IRS. This is called the "Practitioner Priority Service."​

Per the IRS Website: "Tax practitioners have long served an important role in our nation's tax collection system as a conduit between taxpayers and the IRS.

The Practitioner Priority Service® (PPS) is your first point of contact for account-related issues. Our Practitioner Priority Service® is a professional support line that staffed by IRS customer service representatives specially trained to handle practitioners' accounts inquiries."

PPS service hours are weekdays:

  • 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time (Alaska and Hawaii follow Pacific time)

  • 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time for Puerto Rico

Having tax professionals located from coast to coast is a tremendous advantage. Our teams have the extra hours necessary to "get the job done quickly."

On average, our clients have settled with IRS 95% of their tax debt while enjoying a 96% Offer in Compromise success rate. The national average is only 42%. Our record of achievement speaks for itself.

Providing Tax Debt Help For More Than A Decade

Tax relief services can alleviate both IRS and state tax debt issues. Our tax relief pros are experts on programs like the Fresh Start Programtax levy release, tax lien removal, IRS repayment plan, penalty abatement, and other IRS tax problems

Everyone’s tax problems are unique to them because "your numbers" are not exactly the same as anyone else. Our tax debt relief teams could pursue one or a combination of the following tax services to resolve your tax problems depending. Click to read more about some of the relief services we offer below.

Tax Relief Services

The Fresh Start Program

You could be eligible for the (IRS) Fresh Start Program.

Free Tax Analysis - Consultation

Our IRS problem solvers have more than 15 years of experience with IRS an State tax problems. We will provide you with all of your options and give you concrete solutions. Our consultations are free and you are not obligated to use our tax relief services. The entire consultation should take between 25 and 45 minutes of your time.

Tax Lien Removal

If a state or the IRS has assessed a tax lien on your property, our team of IRS problem solvers will work to have it released and removed. our numer one priority is to settle your tax debt and have you get into compliance.

Tax Levy - IRS Levy - Release and Remove

If the State or the IRS has ordered a levy (seizure of your bank account(s), your paycheck, or Social Security, our team will work to have the tax levy released in one day. Our Tax Lawyers routinely have convinced the IRS to release an IRS levy (wage garnishment) in one day. If you received a Notice to Levy, we can prevent the tax levy.

IRS Repayment Plan - Installment Agreement

Depending on your unique circumstances, our Tax Lawyers may recommend that you enter into an IRS repayment plan. Before we do that, our teams will thoroughly look other ways to resolve your tax problems. These would include an Offer in Compromise, being placed into Currently not Collectible status, or reducing your tax debt with a Penalty Abatement.

Tax Debt Relief

Having a tax debt can be the result of state tax or Federal (IRS) personal or business taxes. The collection of tax debt (back taxes) can be enforced with a tax lien, tax levy, garnishment, and other asset seizures. Our Tax Lawyer(s) will identify, investigate, and resolve your IRS tax problems so that you will be in full compliance and be settled with the IRS and state.

Offer in Compromise

If your financial condition is such, our Tax Attorneys may strongly recommend that you submit an Offer in Compromise. An Offer in Comprose is the "Holy Grail" of tax asettlements. A successful Offer in Compromise will greatly reduce and eliminate your back taxes. The IRS offers this tax settlement program as well as some states.

IRS Help - State Tax Help

Tax Investigation and Review

Unlike just about every company offering IRS Help, Flat Fee Tax Relief (Flat Fee Tax Service) DOES NOT CHARGE anyone to do a preliminary investigation. Most companies will charge $500 for what they call "investigation." Don't fall for it. It jsut a way to get some money out of you in case you get off the phone with committing to them. As an FYI, this "investiagtion call" must be performed when the Power of Attorney (2848 Form) is filed. Save yourself the $500.

Amend or File Missing Tax Returns

Should you need to file an amended tax return due to an error made on your original tax return or due to the IRS or state filing what is called a Substitute for Retun (SFR), we can certainly help. We will include up to three (3) tax returns in our flat fee.

Tax Settlement

Depending on the their unique tax debt circumstances, both individuals and businesses can often settle with the IRS and state for far less than the total amount of tax debt owed. If your financial situation warrants it, you may be eligible for a Penalty Abatement, an Offer in Compromise, be placed into Currently not Collectible status or an IRS repayment plan. Call our teams for your free consultation regarding a tax settlement. This phone call could change your financial life.

Penalty Abatement

If we can show that there was a "reasonable cause" for the back tax debt, it is possible to have a part of or the netire amount of tax penalties waived. A "reasonable cause" can be many reasons. A Peanalty Abatement letter must be drawn up and presented. The Penalty Abatement letter is one page and you only get one shot at it so it needs to be done correctly.

Innocent Spouse Relief

When two (2) file a tax return, the IRS and states will hold both parties responsible. Now it is possible that you may be found to be an "Innocent Spouse" if it can be shown and argued that the es-spouse lacked knowledge with the tax matter. We won't lie to you, but this is always difficut. It may be much easier to eliminate the tax debt with an Offer in Compromise. Our IRS problem solvers always believe in "taking the path of least resistance" when dealing with the IRS or state tax authorities.

Currently not Collectible (CNC)

If your financial circumstances are such, our Tax Lawyers may seek to have you placed into Currently not Collectible (CNC) status. Some people call this an IRS Hardship. If you owe more than $10,000 and are in CNC status, we recommend that an Offer in Compromise be submitted. The eligibility and qualifications rules are nearly identical. Sometimes, to "get the IRS off your back," our teams will have you placed into CNC status while we put together your Offer in Compromise.

IRS Repayment Plan - State Repayment Plan

Both the IRS and state taxing authorities will dictte to you what your repayment plan will be. However, these dictated repayment plans may not be your best soluion. These Agencies may attempt to have you repay more than you should. Many factors go into an IRS repayment plan, as well as state taxing authorities, and you should take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation. Our IRS problem solvers will provide you with every tax relief service available to you.